Watch your project make headway, match progress against estimates, create and assign tasks in one click, know instantly who’s working on what in a clear kanban-like environment. All this and much more becomes possible with Agile Dwarf, a new powerful open source Scrum tool.
Agile Dwarf seamlessly integrates into your Redmine and makes project management enjoyable and hassle-free!

Never worry about budgets and deadlines again

Being stuck in a project long gone over the deadline and still not knowing when the product will be ripe for delivery is every manager’s nightmare. Have you ever been there? With Agile Dwarf you will never find yourself in that mess again.
One glance at the run chart gives you a deep insight into the status of your Scrum project. See what’s getting done, what’s left to do and who’s responsible. Spot the troubles before they occur. Track the actual progress, compare it with your estimates and stay in control of your budget day-by-day, hour-by-hour.

A couple of tabs — a whole new vision of your Scrum project

If you like kanban boards as much as we do, you’ll feel right at home with this plugin. We’ve put a lot of thought into the ergonomics. The interface of Agile Dwarf makes it easier to get things done.

  • Stop navigating the obscure submenus in search of ways to create a task. With Agile Dwarf all it takes is a click. You can create and edit tasks inline, it’s a blast!
  • Choose the scope and the time scale as you see fit: it’s easy to wrap your head around the project with the full overview on one page, but it’s just as easy to see how John is getting on with that tricky bugfix.
  • Feel the sense of satisfaction when you’re dragging a task from “in progress” to “resolved”.

  • With Agile Dwarf the project is at your fingertips.

    Try Agile Dwarf today

    It’s intuitive. It’s fast. It’s FREE. And it plays well with all versions of Redmine.
    No mine is complete without a dwarf. Your Redmine needs one!

    Click to download and try Agile Dwarf, it’s worth it.